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Online appointment booking

Pet owners can go online at any time to book one of the appointment slots that you have made available. This is convenient for the client. It also reduces time spent on the phone for reception staff.

The client enters their details and a brief overview of their concern.

The appointment is paid for by card when the booking is made, meaning you don’t need to chase up payment. Again, this takes the strain off reception staff and reduces the need for unnecessary calls.

When an appointment is booked and paid for the client receives a confirmation. The practice also receives a confirmation and the allotted time is made unavailable.

Automated emails and/or text messages provide confirmation of the appointment time and meeting room link for vet and client.

  • Frees up time of veterinary practice staff

  • Useful way of introducing fees for telemedicine – clients see the price and pay in advance in order to make their booking which helps to avoid surprises

  • Easily incorporated into practice website and any social media accounts

The appointment booking facility can be set up in as little as half an hour.

Watch the video below to see a typical booking process.