Vetconsult Blog | Remote consultations or face-to-face?

Remote consultations or face-to-face?

Now that we appear to be coming out the other side from lockdown many vets are relieved to be going back to face to face consultations. However, the picture is still not all rosy.

There are many clients who have become fearful about going out. There are others who have mobility issues that make a trip to the vets a huge undertaking (particularly if they are required to wait outside while their animal is seen).

Some practices are finding that a blended approach with some in-person consults and some remote consultations via video or telephone help the client and relieve pressure on waiting room space. Some vets are able to undertake remote consultations from home – further reducing the burden of sanitation and social distancing.

With this in mind, VetConsult has adapted its online payment and booking platform to enable clients to choose between face to face and remote appointments. The fact that appointments are paid for in advance means that there are fewer cancellations. This means a lot at the moment when resources are so stretched.



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