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Online payment for vets

Veterinary practices are evolving and we are helping them to find easier ways of doing things.

Vet practices still have to operate in spite of lock down. This means that taking payment in the normal way in person is near on impossible and over the phone takes time and effort that could better be spent elsewhere.

Would it be nice to just send a link to your clients by email or text and let them pay you easily and quickly?

The VetConsult online payment platform will allow you to do just that.

  • Secure 3rd party payment platform
  • Customisation to suit your practice
  • Technical support if you need it
  • No monthly fees or long term contract

We also offer an online booking tool to save reception having to do this over the phone, and we throw in a free video-consulting room too!

What could be easier?

Online payment platform for vets

For more information about the various options for online payments read more here.


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