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How do you remind clients of unpaid bills?

A little nudge + an easy way to pay seems to work well!

You know that feeling when you have a mountain of jobs that need doing, including settling an old bill. There is money in your account and you know you really ought to clear the debt, but it is such a hassle that you put it off for another day. Looking at it from a business perspective – wouldn’t it be great to send a little nudge to your clients to remind them of your outstanding bill with an easy one click payment option?

Many veterinary practices have rather labour intensive ways of sending invoices and processing payments. Some smaller practices are still taking payments over the phone. This not only takes up valuable time, it is also somewhat of a burden for whoever has to make the call. There is sometimes a degree of unease amongst clients giving their payment details over the phone.

VetConsult Online has worked with independent vets to find an easy and quick online solution. Branded invoices can be raised and sent by text message or email. The client can pay on their phone while still in the practice carpark. Vets have found that using the platform can also significantly reduce late payments and bad debt.

See outstanding invoices at a glance ….. (on our demo account) ….
…..send a nudge by sms or email with link to easy payment……..
……and here is what the client sees.

“Our vet nurse rolled up her sleeves and spent a couple of hours going through the list of outstanding bills on the VetConsult dashboard. For those over a week old she sent text reminders with a click through for quick payment. She said it was surprisingly satisfying. What was particularly satisfying for the rest of us was the result. 50 prods, 35 payments made immediately and £3250 in the bank!” Ann, Head Vet, Sheffield.

Visit us at VetConsult for more information about the platform or book a call back and we can explore how the platform can be tailored to your needs.

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