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Grit in oyster creates pearl

Vet practices throughout the world have been experiencing extreme stress through workload, complexity of staffing & social distancing.  Throw into the mix the necessary shift in digital communications and many practices have found morale stretched to the limit.

However, sometimes a little grit is the stimulus for creating something beautiful…….

We have all had to come into the 21st century in terms of Zoom meetings, remote access to client notes, messaging, and many other areas.

Once the restrictions lift it is unlikely that life will return to what it looked like in 2019.

Busy practices have for a long time got by with whatever was working – even if it was a long-winded way of doing things – everyone knew the process.  Things have really been shaken up now.  Practice owners and managers are starting to wonder if the megaliths of the practice management software is where they really want to be for the future.  The lack of flexibility, innovation …..

There are so many wonderful tools on the market now that were unheard of when many vets graduated, gained experience and started owning their practice.  The pause/panic button caused by Covid-19 has led many to reconsider how they work.  What is the big picture and the how might plans for the future be taking a different cause. 

Working remotely has suited many people, particularly those with families, with mobility issues.

It has also suited many clients to be able to get advice without leaving their home.

It is clear that telemedicine is not ideal for a great many concerns.  However, it can seriously improve client satisfaction, receptionist morale, profitability, and control of out-of-hours work.    In fact, I would say that the grit of lockdown has created many beautiful pearls.  One of these is VetConsult.Online  –  but I would say that wouldn’t I!



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