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Mobile vets lightening the admin burden

Mobile vets tend to be smaller, independent practices, typically with the owner of the practice as the main vet.

While there are many benefits both for clients and for the vet in terms of quality of relationships, flexibility and optimal patient care, the administrative burden can be disproportionate to turnover.

The vet still has the same expensive education, ongoing CPD and legal costs, as well as purchase and maintenance of equipment. 

Then of course there is the time and expense of travelling to the clients’ homes. This can be kept to a minimum through sensible bookings, trying to keep visits in similar locations together, but this takes additional time and organisation and can be easily disrupted by cancellations and emergencies.

However, developments in digital technologies can lighten the load.  In particular, taking payments remotely can make it quick and easy for clients to pre-pay for appointments (reducing cancellations), sending medication invoices and treatment bills, and also to sending follow up reminders for outstanding bills.

VetConsult Online is an independent online payment platform designed for smaller veterinary practices.  The tech support team works closely with clients to tailor the solution to their needs and to customise the client interface. 

By having effective digital systems in place vets can focus on the treatment side of things rather than worrying about bad debt and missed appointment slots.


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