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2021-03-11 Women in the veterinary world None
2021-02-02 Bermuda Triangle - That space between Consulting room, Reception, and Exit None
2021-01-21 How do you remind clients of unpaid bills? None
2020-05-21 Tackle Bad Debt – Take Online Payments None
2020-05-03 Practice Morale None
2020-04-01 Online payment for vets None
2020-03-08 Grit in oyster creates pearl None
2020-03-05 Veterinary telemedicine 2020 None
2020-01-12 Vet students + Covid-19 None
2019-06-13 We are VetConsult None
2019-02-10 Remote consultations or face-to-face? None

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2022-06-10 Appointment No-Shows None
2022-05-13 Muzzle to be kind None
2022-03-27 Mobile vets lightening the admin burden None
2021-08-14 Opening up the practice again? None
2021-05-22 Independent Vet Practices and Technology None
2021-05-08 Mental Health Awareness None
2021-04-22 Millennials - Baby Now or Fur Baby None
2021-04-05 Telemedicine Post Covid None


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