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We are a dedicated team of IT and veterinary personnel. We have developed an online tool that can be used within hours, to enable you to take payments and to schedule & deliver remote consultations simply and securely.

We are focused on the needs of independent veterinary practices. We know how hard it can be to compete against the budget and presence of the larger organisations. As a small, expert team we are able to modify our approach to enable smaller companies to easily integrate online payments alongside other activities and platforms used within the practice. We can also help you innovate your digital communications in other ways.

We will look after you every step of the way.

About your online payment options

You are wanting to move from a traditional shop/vet practice onto selling online there are three main options open to you.

  • The quickest and easiest way to take online payments is to use a third-party payment processing service such as PayPal, or one tailored to the veterinary world, such as VetConsult. These have a simple link from your site to another site that handles the complex secure financial transaction, as well as invoicing and messaging features.
  • If you have a range of products and are wanting to handle the transaction experience in-house, keeping your customers with you all the time, then you could use an off the shelf platform with e-commerce functionality, such as SquareSpace or WooCommerce.
  • If you have multiple practices, multiple products and a broad range of audience types you probably need to create a customised full e-commerce site, using fully customisable platforms such as Magento or Shopify.

About VetConsult

VetConsult offers a third-party payment processing service. This will allow you to effortlessly carry on as you have been doing with a simple tool to enable clients to pay online. There are no up-front costs or long-term commitments. When you are ready to create a more sophisticated solution we can help you to do that.

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