Our Platform

‘VetConsult is an online platform for taking secure payments and scheduling appointments. It is used by veterinary practices to reduce admin workload and make life easier for their clients’

We are a dedicated team of IT and veterinary personnel. We have developed an online tool that can be used within hours, to enable you to take payments and to schedule & deliver remote consultations simply and securely.


Remove repetitive admin, constant phone calls and focus your team's time and energy on seeing more patients.

Send payment requests easily

Simply create an invoice and send by text or email, client clicks on the message to open the secure payment gateway Track who has paid and send easy reminders

Online booking for consultations

Allow clients to schedule their own appointments based on your availability. Integrate directly with your site and practice management system, allowing for straightforward scheduling.

Remote consultations where appropriate for the practice, client or patient.

Allow video and phone consultations, giving your practice a chance to see patients remotely. Our brand new video platform creates a virtual consult room for you, giving you full control over everything that happens.

Personal Touch

We like to speak directly to our clients, just as we know pet owners want to hear from their vets. If you book a demo, you will speak to one of our directors, and your feedback will always be heard and appreciated.


Our payment system is fully PCI compliant, all payments are encrypted and processed with the highest level of security. We store your data securely with full GDPR compliance, this data will always remain yours and if one day you decide to leave us, it goes with you.


We aim for our services to be running 24/7 allowing for payments any time of day, as over 60% of all our payments are done outside of regular practice ours, so this is key. Our team is fully UK based so we’re always one quick call away.


Our focus has always been on independent practices as we know that you’re regularly rushed off your feet. We facilitate payments, consultations and handle the admin work for you. So you can spend more time doing what’s important.


We harness the latest innovations in cloud and digital technologies to ensure that our clients benefit from state of the art solutions at an affordable price.


We're a small but very fast growing company, this allows us to be flexible and fast at delivering and improving features. We are always happy to improve the software to meet your needs.

About VetConsult

VetConsult offers a third-party payment processing service. This will allow you to effortlessly carry on as you have been doing with a simple tool to enable clients to pay online. There are no up-front costs or long-term commitments. When you are ready to create a more sophisticated solution we can help you to do that.

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Why choose VetConsult?

Clients can pay on any device

With a few clicks you can generate a payment request (or full itemised invoice) and your clients can pay even before they leave the practice, saving you from unnecessary phone calls.

Independent dedicated

Our team knows the problems of operating an independent practice so we focus on keeping things which allows your staff to be trained within a few hours and ready to go.

We work for you 24/7

With over 60% of all payments happening outside of practice hours and 30% of appointments also booked then you can reduce repetitive work and give your team increased capacity.

No more chasing payments

With a single click you can remind a client by text message or email that their invoice needs payment.

No downloads or installations necessary

Our system is fully web based, so you need a browser to get going. Any new features you’ll automatically get for free without the need for upgrades or technical hassle.

No setup fees or monthly costs

Our prices are a small percentage of transactions, we believe that we should only be paid if you use us. Because of this we will make sure your practice is as successful as it can be.