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Veterinary telemedicine platform
  • Invoicing - allow clients to pay online for products, meds and any other services
  • Booking - enables clients to schedule and pay for appointments online
  • Video consultation - easily accessible and user friendly video consulting for vet practices
Veterinary telemedicine platform
Veterinary video-consultation
Video consultation
  • Easy to use
  • Can be accessed securely from any device - no download required
  • Enables cases to be ‘triaged’ in advance so that only those that need to will be brought into practice
  • Option to allow students into the consultation to observe remotely
online appointment booking system for veterinary practice
  • Frees up time of veterinary practice staff
  • Set your own availability and clients can book at your convenience
  • Pet owners find booking and paying for appointments easier and more transparent
  • Easily incorporated into practice website
online appointment booking system for veterinary practice
easy online invoicing for medication and products
  • Easy option for clients to pay online
  • Request payments with a single click by email, SMS message
  • Replaces need for clients to pay over the phone, freeing up staff time
  • Keeps a record of all invoices and payments received
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  • No upfront costs or contracts
  • Our veterinary telemedicine platform helps to reduce physical traffic to the practice and time spent on the phone, while increasing the chargeable throughput
  • Easy to incorporate into practice website alongside existing PMS
  • Can be used on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • We can have you up and running within 24 hours
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Why offer our platform to your clients

Of payments are made online
Freeing up staff from taking payments over the phone.
Of appointments are booked out of office hours
Reduce admin work, and time spent on calls.
More consultations per week
With the same practice resources

What our clients say

  • We started using VetConsult just after the lockdown and it has been a really valuable tool for us. It has enabled us to manage the workload with a severely reduced staff.

    The receptionists love it, it makes life easier for taking payments, scheduling appointments and dealing with what would otherwise be "just a quick question over the phone".

    Vet/Practice Owner

  • Vetconsult has made managing the Covid situation much easier, consults can be managed online, makes it convenient for the customer to access a time approppriate to them. Making payment for customers is really simple and secure.

    Animal Care Assistant

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